San Francisco in the fog. (Hasselblad Xpan / Fujifilm Neopan 400)

Mount Davidson, CA. October 2014.

That SF Tree.

Mount Davidson, San Francisco, CA. October 2014.

Testing out my new camera at the beach last weekend.

San Francisco, CA. October 2014. (Instagram)


Ocean Beach, San Francisco. October 2014.

Here are some photographs from my very first roll with my “new” film camera. I went on a solo adventure trying to chase the light as it disappeared from view. The sunsets on the west coast are unreal to me, still.

Muir Woods and Mt. Tamalpais, CA. September 2014.

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I ventured into the forest this evening hoping for fog, but I got sun instead, and decided to try and make the most of it. I still can’t believe this is ten minutes from my new apartment.

San Francisco, CA. September 2014.

Earlier this week, I skipped class and spent the entire day sailing around the San Francisco Bay with some wonderful people. Even when my images aren’t the greatest, it’s still lovely to have a visual remembrance of a fantastic day.

After getting laid off from my job and being antsy to get out of Los Angeles and see some nature, I took a four hour solo road trip to these hills with the intention to photograph them and then head home. They’re used as a backdrop in just about every western movie you’ve ever seen. After shooting until sunset, I ended up getting drunk at a local saloon in the nearby desert town of Lone Pine, sleeping in my car in a hotel parking lot, waking up at 5AM to photograph the sunrise, and then took an exhausting hike part of the way up Mount Whitney (tallest mountain in the lower 48) to see some astonishing views. The world is out there for you to adventure, you just have to go see it.

Alabama Hills, CA. June 2014.

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The poppies were plentiful this spring, prompting seas of orange.

Antelope Valley, CA. April 2014.

My friends Kara and Emily visited me at the beach for the day, and before we knew it we were having an impromptu photo shoot in the woods.

Long Beach Island, NJ. July 2014.

Mesquite Sand Dunes at Sunset

Death Valley, CA, April 2014

Bixby Canyon Bridge

Big Sur, CA, March 2014

These are photographs from my first roll of black and white film since high school (yes, circa 2008, eek). I can’t believe it’s been that long since I’ve finished a whole roll! I love shooting in black and white because it forces you to think in ways you normally wouldn’t if shooting color. These are in no way related to each other, but I figured I’d share them as a group.

1. El Matador Beach, California
2. Angeles National Forest, California
3. Georgetown, Colorado
4. McWay Falls near Big Sur, California
5. Los Angeles, California

Second batch of photographs that didn’t make the first cut from my day trip to the desert with Ian Flanigan.

Death Valley, CA, April 2014

Doing hoodrat shit in the desert with Ian Flanigan.

Death Valley, CA, April 2014